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Meals Supplied By Church Violates The First Amendment

Yes, you read that headline correctly. There is no honest angle at which you can approach the first amendment and stand by this statement. Yet, this is exactly what a group in Wisconsin is trying to force upon a Georgia school. … Continue reading

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The Cristero War In Mexico (1926-1929)

Have you heard of this war before? Most Americans have not. On June 1, 2012 Hollywood released a move entitled “For Greater Glory”. This movie tells the story of a struggle against anti-catholic sentiment in Mexico and the evils of then president, … Continue reading

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What’s The Big Deal About The KJV?

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Who Were The Huguenots?

The Huguenots were a group of French Christians that sought religious liberty and sailed to the coast of Florida in the 1560s. They were here before the pilgrims and before Jamestown. Many are unaware of this history. The term Huguenot is … Continue reading

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Under God Indivisible Heresy Conference

In Dallas last week there was an ecumenical conference with a list of the who’s who in the world of spiritual deception. The video below is the segment showing Glenn Beck. You can watch the entire two plus hours of … Continue reading

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The American River Ganges

Why has our school system fallen so rapidly? Why do we allow illegal immigrants to flood freely into this country? Who is behind the ecumenical movement? Who controls our government? The quick answer is to all of these is roman catholicism. Does … Continue reading

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Menno, Waldenses, Albigenses & Donatists

For those who study church history, the crusades or other mass murder during the dark and middle ages by the catholic church may have heard these names. If you read catholic history or romanist historians work, you will be convinced … Continue reading

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The Tolerance Deception

Have you seen these bumper stickers on cars lately? What is tolerance exactly? Where do we see this being pushed in history? Who is peddling such vague emotional messages? If you are into any sort of new age beliefs, this … Continue reading

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