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Jesus Was Not Married. Period.

Jesus was not married. End of story. But of course, I’ll elaborate. Where do these ideas come from? When did these “sources” that cause doubt to enter into the debate regarding the english bible and Christianity, begin? This history is … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church And The Death Of Liberty

On the internet today you can find endless articles on anti-catholicism in American history, as if they were being mistreated for simply being catholic. True history does record much to say about the catholics, Jesuits, and the Vatican. Much of … Continue reading

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How Often Do You Read Your Bible?

In a recent study conducted by Lifeway Research, you can see why christendom is in such shambles today. We have all sorts of terrible error in what passes as christianity today. From ecumenism, to emergent spirituality, to contemplative prayer and … Continue reading

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