Billy Graham Launches National “Vote Biblical Values” Campaign

How ironic can this possibly be? Billy Graham urging Americans to vote “Biblical Values” is like Charles Darwin urging the belief in creationism. How can a man who writes the following quote in his book, even know what biblical values are?

Nor was the fault always on the Catholic side, I knew. Often Latin American Protestants were guilty of intolerance, negative preaching, and inflammatory language. I had no intention of adding fuel to the fire. In fact, whenever possible during our trip south (as well as on other tours), I tried to meet with local Catholic leaders, to the occasional consternation of some of our hosts. My goal, I always made clear, was not to preach against Catholic beliefs or to proselytize people who were already committed to Christ within the Catholic Church.

Catholics do not even know or obviously even read their bible, which in turn makes it impossible for them to be committed to Christ. Jesus is the Word. To be ignorant of the Word of God is to be ignorant of Christ himself.

In the quote above, why do you think the Latin American peoples were so divisive toward catholicism? The answer lies in history. That nation is labeled “latin”, not because there is there is anything latin about them, but because they were enslaved during the Jesuit reductions in the 17th and 18th centuries. They have resentment for good reason.

But I digress….

Who espouses biblical values in this election? Could it be Obama, who supports partial birth abortion, homosexual marriage and carries a hindu monkey god in his pocket for good luck? Or, could it be Mitt Romney, who believe the Book of Mormon supersedes God’s holy word, that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers and that when you die as a good Mormon, you will become a god with your own planet?

Either way to look at this election, there is no candidate that supports biblical values. Both presidential candidates are preaching a doctrine straight from Satan himself.

This is proven by the words of Christ himself:

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. – Matthew 12:30

These men, including Graham himself are not with Christ and only serve to scatter those who are not grounded in the scriptures. Their own words condemn them.

Read 1 Samuel 8 to see what happens when a people or nation who reject God. This is why we as Americans have wicked leadership. The nation gets what it deserves. Elections are a puppet show for the simple minded. God puts a ruler in place based on the righteousness of the people. With this country clamoring for homosexual marriage and abortion, or better called human sacrifice for the god of lascivious lifestyles, don’t expect an honest and upright man to lead the country.

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