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Vatican to enlist Christian all-stars to help scandal-ridden sports

You read that right. As we know, the Catholic church is scandal free and can help the rest of us, right? I don’t think so. Once the Catholic church addresses their enormous child rape problem and actually condemns the priest … Continue reading

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Billy Graham Launches National “Vote Biblical Values” Campaign

How ironic can this possibly be? Billy Graham urging Americans to vote “Biblical Values” is like Charles Darwin urging the belief in creationism. How can a man who writes the following quote in his book, even know what biblical values … Continue reading

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Jesus Was Not Married. Period.

Jesus was not married. End of story. But of course, I’ll elaborate. Where do these ideas come from? When did these “sources” that cause doubt to enter into the debate regarding the english bible and Christianity, begin? This history is … Continue reading

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The Cristero War In Mexico (1926-1929)

Have you heard of this war before? Most Americans have not. On June 1, 2012 Hollywood released a move entitled “For Greater Glory”. This movie tells the story of a struggle against anti-catholic sentiment in Mexico and the evils of then president, … Continue reading

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The American River Ganges

Why has our school system fallen so rapidly? Why do we allow illegal immigrants to flood freely into this country? Who is behind the ecumenical movement? Who controls our government? The quick answer is to all of these is roman catholicism. Does … Continue reading

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The Tolerance Deception

Have you seen these bumper stickers on cars lately? What is tolerance exactly? Where do we see this being pushed in history? Who is peddling such vague emotional messages? If you are into any sort of new age beliefs, this … Continue reading

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