Jesus Was Not Married. Period.

Jesus was not married. End of story. But of course, I’ll elaborate. Where do these ideas come from? When did these “sources” that cause doubt to enter into the debate regarding the english bible and Christianity, begin? This history is long and twisted.

Read many of Paul’s epistles and you will see that people have been trying to corrupt God’s word from the beginning. This is even spoken about in the Old Testament. In Paul’s small letter of 1 John, you will see that people tried to say that Jesus didn’t come in the flesh. Paul calls these preachers anti-Christ.

This is not new. People have been trying to sabotage the scriptures from the moment God recorded them. There have been scores of these so call discoveries. They have one purpose and that is to cause doubt in Christianity and confirmation in the minds of those who do not want to submit to God in the first place.

In recent history, we have men such as Westcott and Hort, who completely corrupted the original Greek new testament in an effort to confuse people. Every modern bible is based on the corruptions of these two men. Stick to the King James Bible if you are interested in growing as a Christian. Westcott and Hort, if you read their own writings, were not even Christians and openly denied the gospel. People, just like these two, sit on bible society boards to this day, continuing in the corruption of centuries past. A great example is a woman who worked to translate the NIV. Her name is Dr. Virginia Mollenkott. She is a lesbian new age practitioner, her own writings prove this point. She and her ilk are the reason why homosexuality is overlooked and apologized for in many modern churches and bible translations today.

Let’s jump to Karen L King, the “scholar” who brings us to our latest corruption. Who is she exactly? For starters, she is a Jesuit trained professor that is clearly not a bible believing Christian. Let’s look at an excerpt from her bio on Wikipedia:

Karen Leigh King (born 1954) is an American academic working in the field of early Christianity and Gnosticism. She had been Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard Divinity School, from 1998 – 2008; in October 2009, she succeeded Harvey Cox to become the first woman appointed to the Hollis Chair, the oldest endowed chair in the United States (1721).
She was described by Newsweek as “an authority on women’s roles in the early church.” From 1984 to 1997, she was professor of religious studies at Occidental College.

In September 2012, King published details of what she described as the Gospel of Jesus’ wife at the International Congress of Coptic Studies

She is a member of the Jesus Seminar, of the Westar Institute.

See any red flags there? If you are familiar with this top, you should. Besides her professorship at Jesuit universities, she is part of the “Jesus Seminar”. This is a new age group of supposed bright thinkers, who sit around and decide for themselves what in the bible were the actual works of Jesus and which were not. This is not based on anything other than whim. No true Christian would be defiled enough to come close to this place.

Lets look at some of the writing of Mrs. King:

  • Allogenes, a critical edition (1984)
  • Gnostic studies: Revelation of the Unknowable God (1995)
  • Revelation of the Unknowable God: With Text, Translation, and Notes to NHC XI, 3 Allogenes (1995)
  • Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism (Studies in Antiquity & Christianity) (2000)
  • What is Gnosticism? (2003)
  • The Gospel of Mary of Magdala (2003)
  • The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle (2003)
  • What Is Gnosticism? (2003)
  • The Secret Revelation of John (2008)

This is clearly not the authorship of a bible believer. She is a gnostic at best. You have to research these so called “scholars” (scribes) of today. There is a clear agenda to cause doubt and corruption in the hearts and minds of those who believe sensational modern thought. Trust your King James Bible, and toss this other nonsense in the waste bin.

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