The Catholic Church And The Death Of Liberty

The priests of Rome, willingly working with the Nazis

On the internet today you can find endless articles on anti-catholicism in American history, as if they were being mistreated for simply being catholic. True history does record much to say about the catholics, Jesuits, and the Vatican. Much of it is not good. It is true that it was illegal to be catholic and hold any public office. The real question is why do we find so many books and publications that appear to be slanted against catholics. Why was it against the law to be catholic and hold public office? Why did the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), get forces out of most of Europe, Mexico and the colonies?

This history is oddly left out of all modern teaching. People are completely ignorant of the truth regarding the war on liberty of all kinds at the hands of the church of Rome.

When we look backward, to the inquisition and crusades the church of Rome has caused endless blood shed in all of Europe. This history is vaguely known, but most see this plainly as christianity against anti-christianity. The inquisition and crusades are not in any way christian, rather they are completely pagan and was committed at the hands of Rome. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can cite the gunpowder plot, St. Bartholomew massacre, The slaughter at Florida’s Matanzas Inlet in 1565, etc… to get an idea as to why Rome was unwelcome in most of the world.

The rejection of catholicism was a necessity to preserve any free nation. Anywhere in history that catholics have controlled government, you have a the total rejection of liberty. That is precisely why the laws of the colonies and England forebade catholics from holding positions of power.

Let’s jump forward in history to the nineteenth century and look at a few incidents where catholicism has hampered the freedom and establishment of a sovereign nation in the USA.


San Patricios, 1847

Have you heard of the San Patricios (St. Patricians)? Most likely not, as this is one of the many events erased from American history. The San Patricios where a group of Irish catholic American soldiers that deserted the United States Army and joined sides with the Mexican army to fight their fellow citizens. Why would this happen?

General Santa Anna of Mexico hired Irish priest Eugene McNamara, who infiltrated American lines and convinced his fellow catholics that they should fight with their catholic brothers against the land grabbing Yankees. The fact is that the catholic control of Mexico at the time was attempting to weaken the US in an effort to subjugate the republic as Mexico was–under the iron fist of the Vatican.

Many of these men, after the war where captured by the US government and executed for treason. One of the great historians of the Mexican-American war stated the following:

A party of deserters [Irish catholic] from the American army, which served at Monterey… became the nucleus of the “San Patricio” corps.

Justin H. Smith: The war with Mexico, Macmillan Co., New York, 1919

Samuel B. Morse, famous scholar and inventor of the telegraph, expressed a widespread fear held by the American citizenry as the tide of immigration rose in the 183o’s:

To any such inquirers, let me say, there are many ways in which a body organized as are the Catholics, and moving in concert, might disturb (to use the mildest term) the good order of the republic, and thus compel us to present to observing Europe the spectacle of republican anarchy. Who is not aware that a great portion of that stuff which composes a mob, ripe for riot or excess of any kind, and of which we have every week or two, a fresh example in some part of the country, is a catholic population; and what makes it turbulent?

Ignorance, an ignorance which it is for the interest of its leaders not to enlighten; for enlighten a man and he will think for himself, and have some self-respect; he will understand the law and know his interest in obeying them. Keep him in ignorance, and he is the slave of the man who will flatter his passions and appetites, or awe him by superstitious fears. Against the outbreakings of such men, society, as it is constituted on our free system, can protect itself only in one of the two ways: it must either bring these men under the  influence and control of a sound republican and religious education, or it must call in the aid of the priests who govern them, and who may permit, and direct, or restrain their turbulence, in accordance with what they may judge at any partuclar time to be the interest of the church. Yes, be it well remarked, the same hands that can, whenever it suits their interest, restrain, can also, at the proper time, “let slip the dogs of war.”

In this mode of restraint by a police of priests, by substituting the ecclesiastical for the civil power the priest-led mobs of Portugal and Spain, and South America, are instructive examples. We have had riots again and again which neither the civil nor military power have availed anything to quell, until the magic ‘peach, be still’ of the Catholic priest has hushed the winds, and calmed the waves of popular tumult.

While I write, what means the negotiations, between the two Irish bands of emigrants, in hostile array against each other, shedding each other’s blood upon our soil, settling with the bayonet miserable foreign feuds which they have brought over the waters with them?

Samuel B. Morse: Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States, Leavitt, Lord & Co., New York, 1835


Railroad, Canals and Other Public Works Riots of the 1830′s

In Morse’s day there  were many riots at the hands of Irish catholics. Interestingly enough the civil powers could do nothing to stop the mayhem. As Morse’s quote above makes clear, the catholic priests had to step in the quiet the storm.

Here is a quote from an article in the Journal of Commerce

It appears by the following notice that the rioters on the Baltimore and Washington Railroad have concluded a treaty of peace, through the intervention of a priest. There was a considerable talk during the late riots in this city of calling in the agency of the priests, to put an end to the disturbance. Not doubt it would have been effectual.

Notice all of the pagan symbols represented in this one logo. Inverted star, hexagram, triangle and Rome’s ever popular sun burst.

This sounds eerily similar to the concept of our modern day workers unions. In fact the first official workers union, know as the Knights of Labor, was formed by Irish catholic Terence Powderly in 1869. Their full official title was, “Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor”. Today as in Lincoln’s day, these same groups can cause riots or bring peace. Just another sinister social force to disturb the peace and force it’s will on the state. Don’t doubt the power Rome holds over the country to this very day.


Draft Riots Of New York, 1863

Irish catholic mob lynching a newly freed slave

The Irish catholics in New York caused alarming terror as the priests sat silently, making no effort to quell the mobs. The catholic church and Irish alike hated president Lincoln and the idea of freeing the slaves. This event is history is termed the “draft riots”, but there was much more going on behind the scenes besides an issue with the draft. One key issue was that the Irish would now have competition for jobs. This enraged the Irish and the catholic priests.

To show their disdain for Lincoln’s new proposal the Irish catholics took to the streets and targeted blacks and murdered untold numbers. They even attempted to burn down an orphanage with 233 black children inside. The blood thirsty mob was shouting obscenities as they marched:

“Murder the monkeys”

“Wring the neck of the damned Lincolnites”

Harper’s Weekly, August 1, 1863

As has been stated before, the priests could have stepped in at any point to stop this senseless murder and destruction, but they did nothing. Only after the army stepped in and brought the riots to a standstill, did the clergy step in. Archbishop John Hughes gave a public statement that was recorded in the New York Daily Tribune. His statement more that reveals where his allegiance was and the coldness of heart the catholic church displayed.

Men of New York: They call you rioters, but I cannot see a riotous face among you. (cheers) I will call you Men of New York; not gentlemen, because ‘gentlemen’ is so threadbare a term that it means nothing positive. (laughter) Give me men, for I know of my own knowledge that if this city were invaded by a British or andy foreign power the delicate ladies of New Your, with infants on their breasts, would look for their protection more from men than from gentlemen (laughter and applause) … If you are Irishmen–for your enemies say the rioters are Irishmen–I am also and Irish man, but not a rioter. (silence) If you are Catholics, as they have reported–probably to hurt my feelings–then I am a Catholic, too. (cheers) … In Europe, where the countries call themselves constitutional, a fool or a wise man must occupy the throne, and there is nothing for an oppressed people but you as the President (derisive laughter) or as the Mayor, or as a military officer. I address you as your father; and I am not going into a question of what has brought about this unhappy state of things. It is not my business for I am a minister of God. You know I have never deserted you. (Never, Never cheers) … Revolution is a terrible thing. But in this country the country gives the right to the people to make a revolution every for years. (cheers) … I am too old now to go to another country. I wan the housekeeps to mind. (laughter–a voice ‘Let the Niggers keep South’) … In case of a violent and unjust assault on you without provocation–my notion is that every man has a right to decent his house or his shanty at the risk of life. (‘That’s so’–great cheering) … You have suffered already. No government can save itself unless it protects its citizens. Military force will be let loose upon you. The innocent will be shot down and guilty will be likely to escape. Would it not be better for you to retire quietly. I do not ask you to give up your principles or convictions. (applause)

New York Daily Tribune, Saturday July 18, 1863

As history records racism in this country, I think we should keep this in mind. Where did it start? Who perpetrated it? Who excused it? The catholic church. The Irish mobs were largely ignorant people, kept in ignorance by their church, but the catholic leadership know exactly what they were doing. There is no excuse for the mob behavior, but the clergy owns the responsibility in a much larger measure.

Another important note is to realize that the black community as a whole are protestant. The Vatican has been in a bloody fight against protestants for nearly 2000 years now. One thing the Jesuits do best is divide and conquer.

In later blog posts, we will get into the catholic role in the Lincoln assassination. The history taught by our schools on this topic is completely revisionist. In the mean time look into John and Mary Surrat. John, a key conspirator ended up as a papal guard after escaping the US through his many catholic church hide aways.

In conclusion, we have to rethink and study the real history that no one is taught in todays world. There is an organized agenda to keep this topic out of our history books. As a hint, search for books that were published closer to the time that these events actually happened. You can find many of these books for free via google books.

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