The Queen James Bible, Just Another Heretical Fraud

Sadly, in the world of corrupt bible versions, we have a new entry. The Queen James bible. The website for this corrupt and vile translation states many out right lies and nonsense about God’s true word.

The first is that the bible never mentioned the term “homosexual” prior to 1946. Are you kidding me? Of course not, the word was first used in print in the late 1800′s. The bible also does not include the word dinosaur either, but still covers these large creatures in several places. Try the word sodomite or sodomy. That antique word perfectly describes those who choose to have sex with the same gender.

They also claim that only eight verses deal with sodomites. That is wrong, there are others. For one, God created male and female for a reason. Same gender sexual relationships are an obvious end of the gene pool and an abomination to God’s perfect design for his creation.

The next erroneous claim is that King James was a bisexual. Do they care to cite any reference for this? No, they do not. They don’t even list the names of the people responsible for the corrupt tripe. What are they hiding from? But I digress… King James was not a sodomite. He was married and had three surviving children. They had eight in all. Not to mention, homosexuality was a death sentence in his day. Especially with this being so well known, as to call him “Queen”. You may think that since he was a king, he could get away with being gay. Wrong, other kings were put to death during this time in history. Utter nonsense from just another bunch of bible haters.

The closing line on their homepage says:

You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.

What a sad statement. You in fact do choose your perversion, just like you choose drug use, greed, dishonesty, or any other sinful behavior. If you are living an out right sodomite lifestyle, you cannot choose Jesus Christ. You would be choosing perversion over Christ. Any gay person has to repent in order to receive salvation. As any human, we all battle with sin and fall from time to time, but our mind and heart is to turn from that sin and live a holy life as the King James bible makes clear.

The Queen James translators try to make the claim that the verses, 8 in all, were miss translated and attempt to tie these verses to pagan temple worship or violent encounters. They also say that no bible is perfect. Both accounts are completely off base. In fact practicing same sex relationships is pagan and shows satan’s power of one’s life. God also promised to preserve his word for all generations. That means that it exists today for you me. Where is this perfect word? In the very King James bible they seek to destroy.

We do have choices in life, but the key choice here is to choose God and his perfectly preserved word in the King James bible.


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