Vatican to enlist Christian all-stars to help scandal-ridden sports

You read that right. As we know, the Catholic church is scandal free and can help the rest of us, right? I don’t think so. Once the Catholic church addresses their enormous child rape problem and actually condemns the priest who commit such actions, maybe then, they can be considered as a real moral agent. This is unlikely since the Vatican has had a centuries old stance that the Catholic church is above any temporal authority. This is precisely why they all get away, scott free, to molest again and again.

The article in question here, covers the desire to recruit Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin, to right the sinking ship of modern sports and their scandalous lifestyles. Beside the fact that the Catholic church is lacking any moral ground to stand on, the article does reveal some little known heresy, long practiced by the Romish church.

The first quote is as follows:

Msgr. Melchor Sanchez de Toca Alameda, head of the council’s “Culture and Sport” section, told Catholic News Service Jan. 16 that pro sports “have become a commodity that is subordinate to the free market and, therefore, to profit.”

Did you know that the Catholic church has had a long standing hatred for the free market, going as far as to call this a “Protestant Evil”? Catholic social teaching is where liberation theology and communism was invented. Let’s look at a couple of notable quote from our own time, then all the way back to the 1800′s.

“In the department of Human Affairs concerned with the economic activities of man, the old universally accepted code of justice fell into disregard, if not into ridicule; and its place was taken, on the one hand, by the theory that the only safe guide for man to follow in these affairs is his own personal interest, and, on the other hand, and partly as a reaction against this repulsive theory, that the individual has no right of initiative at all, but that his whole being must be subordinated to the welfare of the community. Both these theories would have been equally disapproved by the old, despised ethical authority of the Middle Ages, under whose régime they could not have flourished or developed; but, at the time when they arose, that old authority was no longer universally accepted, and there was no power in Europe strong enough to withstand the march of these two dangerous doctrines. The path to both Capitalism and Socialism had been opened by the Reformation.”

An Essay on the Economic Effects of the Reformation, George O’Brien 2003

Did you catch that? That “old authority” mentioned is what brought humanity such massive bloodshed, known as the inquisition and the crusades.  O’Brien says, Capitalism and Socialism was brought about by the Reformation, i.e. Protestantism. If the reader is at all familiar with history, you will be well aware that the Vatican is the author of Communism and its sisters. If you doubt this take a gander at the Jesuit Reductions of South America. A true free market suggest that people are free to make their own choices and live individually responsible lives. The Catholic church has always hated freedom, liberty and individuality. Sure, they say the right things, but look at the pages of history. Every country controlled by Rome, has been poor and despotic. Mexico today is a good example. If you disagree with that, here is another quote for you:

“Popular liberty, in its true sense, can only exist where the people are reduced to a condition of political vassalage, and where there is a power superior to them, with authority sufficient to command and govern them.

Brownson’s Essays, Dr. O.A. Brownson, 1849

Mr. Brownson was arguing for the American acceptance of the rule of Rome. This is the type of authority that Rome has wielded over every land it has gained sufficient numbers in. In the nineteenth century many books were written to warn the American population against the destruction caused by Rome in all of Europe. A great book on this subject is “The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson, published in 1876.

In short, the quote from the Catholic News Service above shrewdly hints at the hatred of freedom. Without a free economy, we have the alternative, a controlled one. The evidence of this control over our current system can be seen by the ever encroaching Catholic dominated government we now have. One by one our system of representative government is being stripped away, in favor of  a controlled economy.

The second quote from the Catholic News Service, spells out the aims of their action, and is as follows:

…to help the church see sport as an important resource for future priests, Catholic schools, parishes and catechists.

I wonder why they didn’t include Protestants? It’s because the Vatican doesn’t recognize any faith as legitimate unless it surrenders its will and conscience to the Papacy. More from the Catholic propaganda of the ninteenth century:

It would be and insult to the Catholic clergy to compare with them the pastors of Protestant sects. As Protestantism is no religion, whatever they may say to the contrary, so its ministers have not the authority of the priesthood, no matter how hard they may try to have its appearance.

“Plain Talk about the Protestantism of To-day”, Mgr. Segur, 1868

Does this sound too radical to be true? Don’t trust the words you see here, do your own research. The Romish church has been the ancient enemy of freedom and liberty, Protestantism has lead the world to advancement, industry and independence. Look at the marvelous development of ancient Rome. From coliseums to vast aqua ducts and beyond. What stagnated this advanced people? The iron fist of Catholicism has no equal in destroying a prosperous country. Contrast that with the founding of the US, a country populated by christians fleeing from oppressive Europe. Sure some where not christians, but the majority of them were. No country has ever excelled and freed its population in any comparable way.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, in terms of papal control. From that point on, the US has been in a steady downward spiral towards the same pattern of despotism we see in history.

R.W. Thompson summarizes up the differenced between Romanism and Protestantism very well, in the following words:

The issue is a plain one–easily perceptible to the most ordinary comprehension. The two systems stand in direct antagonism with each other. The Protestant has separated the State from the Church; the papal proposes to unite them again. The Protestant has founded its civil institutions upon the will of the people; the papal proposes to reconstruct and found them upon the will of the pope. The Protestant secures religious freedom; the papal requires that every man shall give up his conscience to the keeping of ecclesiastical superiors. The Protestant develops the faculties of the mind by inciting the spirit of personal independence and manhood; the papal crushes out all this spirit by its debasing doctrine of passive obedience and submission. The protestant has put the world upon a career of progress and prosperity; the papal desires to arrest this career, and turn it back into those old grooves which have led so many nations to wreck and desolation.

We should heed the warnings of the past. Are we too far gone to reverse this trend? Our population has little clue as to what is happening to this country. They vote left or right in hopes things will change, not realizing that both sides are majority Roman catholics, jesuit trained or doing the bidding of their masters. In times past we had many watchmen sounding the call. In modern times much actual history has been erased by our educational institutions and our young minds have been filled with pop culture and books that have no real enriching qualities. For a quick example take a look at this eighth grade test on the constitution. This is from 1954. What student today would know this information, even a college student?

This site is not anti-catholic per se, as there are many everyday, well-meaning catholic adherents out there. The hierarchy on the other hand, are masters of deception and destruction. This site is meant to wake up the slumbering masses to the trajectory of history and the aims of our masters.

The original source article can be found here.


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